Go Premium!

PremiumDriver Benefits

The PremiumDriver feature that will provide access to additional features and services within the SimStrata environment. These additional features will be steadily introduced over the next few months. Once sufficient functionality is available, we will be offering the option to all SimStrata registered Drivers. The PremiumDriver feature is very much in its early stages, and as such, subscriptions will be discounted initially whilst we work to add all the promised features.
Our vision is to improve and grow SimStrata RaceEngine well into the future with the help of additional support from members of our hosted communities in general. We also think that subscribing as a PremiumDriver brings certain responsibilities to both sides. Premium Drivers are making a statement about their seriousness and commitment to the sport and likewise, so is SimStrata by offering this service. We envisage a closer connection to our supporters and look forward to being able to expand the range of premium services on offer well into the future to justify the investment and faith our PremiumDriver supporters have put in us.
Standout from the Grid
Premium Drivers and the Teams owned by Premium Drivers can be identified with the signature SimStrata use of dodger blue for the Driver names. In addition, the chosen personal race number (see features list below) will be displayed for each Premium Drivers and their teams in the Drivers and Teams pages.
PremiumDriver is an annual subscription-based option. Initially, it will be offered at a discounted price, which is anticipated to increase in line with the features and services made available over time. Premium Drivers are SimStrata customers, so becoming a PremiumDriver means you will be a PremiumDriver for all SimStrata hosted Communities.
Although the feature list for Premium Drivers is subject to change, the list of features is intended not to provide any clear competitive advantage, but merely to enhance the sim racing experience on offer to provide a channel of support for the service SimStrata offers.

The planned provisional feature list is as follows and is subject to change:

  • Fully unlocked SimStrata Pitbox: You and all your teammates can remotely manage driver pitstop settings.
  • Personal Race Number: Reserve your preferred race number for all official events within each community.
  • Personal LumiRank ID: Reserve a community wide LumiRank ID for all official events.
  • Team Principal Expansion: Removes the restriction to only be able to manage a single team.
  • More Detailed Liveries: Maximum livery upload of 3mb as opposed to 1mb.
  • Detailed Personal Statistics: Access to deep personal statistics with comparison features to highlight weaknesses. Coming soon.
  • Access to Premium SimStrata Apps: To be announced.
  • Access to a SimStrata Booking Server: Book time on an ACC server to host your own individual or team events. Coming soon.