SimStrata RaceEngine

The Ultimate Hosting Machine

About SimStrata Technologies: A new company emerging in the Sim Racing eSports Space. Our main product, RaceEngine, is an eSports hosting platform, currently centred around Kunos' Assetto Corsa Competizione SRO Series, GT3/GT4 racing simulator. RaceEngine is a platform for amateur and professional organisations to host and manage complex sim racing events and racing communities.

SimStrata RaceEngine

The Ultimate Hosting Machine: Our complete eSports-league hosting platform. Each package offers everything you need to host professional sim racing events as well as effectively manage and engage with your community.

RaceEngine Core Features
  • Your own community website.
  • Create and host professional level events.
  • Full suite of administration functions.
  • High performance and high availability Assetto Corsa Competizione servers.

SimStrata PremiumDriver price drop to just £10/year. PremiumDriver is the best way to enhance your experience as a driver within any SimStrata community, as well as helping support your favourite community. All for a small annual fee.

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SimStrata Hosted Community Events
Some of the exciting events being hosted by our communities across the SimStrata network coming up within the next few weeks.
From: Sun, 2nd Apr 13:00 UTC
To: Tue, 31st Dec 12:00 UTC

Förarutvärdering v2

From: Sun, 4th Feb 06:00 UTC
To: Fri, 17th Jan 05:55 UTC

Open practice server

From: Mon, 1st Apr 16:00 UTC
To: Wed, 31st Jul 18:00 UTC


Sat, 6th Apr 09:00 UTC

Public races for Simufur drivers vs. Normies

Wed, 17th Apr 07:00 UTC

Public Nords

From: Sun, 12th May 21:00 UTC
To: Sun, 19th May 18:55 UTC

Round 2 - Indianapolis

From: Sun, 12th May 23:00 UTC
To: Sun, 2nd Jun 16:55 UTC

MEMS Practice

From: Sat, 18th May 04:00 UTC
To: Sat, 1st Jun 01:55 UTC

FNL round 4 practice

Sun, 19th May 19:00 UTC


From: Sun, 19th May 21:00 UTC
To: Sun, 9th Jun 18:55 UTC

Round 3 - Silverstone

Sat, 1st Jun 02:00 UTC

Are you a good enough driver to make it up and down the mountain in one piece?

From: Sat, 1st Jun 04:00 UTC
To: Sat, 8th Jun 01:55 UTC

FNL round 5 practice

Sun, 2nd Jun 17:00 UTC

AND GUESS WHAT, IT'S RAINING! Maybe. It's set to "highly variable" so we'll see.

From: Sun, 2nd Jun 23:00 UTC
To: Sun, 16th Jun 16:55 UTC

MEMS Practice

Sat, 8th Jun 02:00 UTC

I'll be honest, I just want to see how well GT2s work here.

From: Sat, 8th Jun 04:00 UTC
To: Sat, 15th Jun 01:55 UTC

FNL round 6 practice

Sun, 9th Jun 19:00 UTC

Maggotts and Becketts strikes again!

From: Sun, 9th Jun 21:00 UTC
To: Sun, 23rd Jun 18:55 UTC

Round 4 - CoTA

Sat, 15th Jun 02:00 UTC

See previous week's description for this week's description.

Sun, 16th Jun 17:00 UTC

Making up for lost time, I see?

From: Sun, 16th Jun 23:00 UTC
To: Sun, 30th Jun 16:55 UTC

MEMS Practice