RaceEngine Package Options

We offer various packages to kickstart your sim racing community at various price points with a corresponding set of features and options. This starts with our Starter package.

To build your community, you may need more advanced options and capacity to host professional championships and events as offered by our more comprehensive packages such as our Community package.

Customisation is an integral aspect of RaceEngine. The degree of customisation available also depends on the choice of package. The Professional package offers the ability of complete alignment with your brand image.

Upon request, we can discuss any alternative deployment, integration or customisation requirements with our Enterprise package offering.


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The Starter Package is our most basic offering. It includes the fundemental components of RaceEngine: a complete website with basic community branding and our Assetto Corsa Competizione server manager. This will allow you to host racing events and publish statistics and results.
In addition to Starter, the Community package adds significant additional functionality to create and manage professional level events with full championship capability, hosting events capable of full-fields and catering for all skill-levels and car classes.
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The professional package offers the ability to customise and scale your presence according to your requirements. The options to host as many Assetto Corsa Competizione servers as you need with no fixed capacity limits will allow more than enough scalability for any community or organisation.

Professional is best suited to organisations who require considerable capacity and complete control of their presentation.
SimStrata hosts the Starter, Community and Professional packages on our own servers. Where this is not a suitable option for an organisation, we offer the Enterprise package. All options are on the table, such as deployment and installation to your server or servers and access to our web front-end source code.

Enterprise is best suited to organisations who require complete control and have the technical capability to support and maintain their deployment(s) in partnership with SimStrata.

Contact sales@simstrata.com for further information.