RaceEngine Benefits

What is SimStrata RaceEngine?

SimStrata RaceEngine is an eSports hosting platform for simulated motorsports events using the fabulous Assetto Corsa Competizione, also known in the sim racing community as "ACC", is now generally regarded as the most realistic, authentic and complete retail racing simulator currently available.

RaceEngine is a community focused application package, by that we mean that each of the components are installed and deployed specifically for a community of sim racers.

We offer a range of customisable packages to suit different communities under our Early Access Programme.

Whichever package you choose, SimStrata RaceEngine includes a full featured website for both your community and for the creation and administration of your leagues, everything you need to get started.

Time Efficient

Build Your Community

SimStrata RaceEngine is integrated with Discord utilising various features to manage your driver registrations with engaging personalisation and skills development options for drivers of all skill-levels and abilities.

Host events for all tastes, skill levels and abilties from one off fun and social single make events with fixed weather to multi-class ultra-endurance team endurance championships utilising our RealWeather feature.
Host sophisticated and professional eSports events has never been easier. Leverage the power RaceEngine host large events with minimal investment in resources.

We have designed RaceEngine to grow with your community with a range of cost effective Assetto Corsa Competizione server options.


For the Start-up.

For the Professionals.

Whether you are are just starting out with the ambition of organizing and hosting your own racing events, or if you are an established organisation looking to cater to a professional and sophisticated community of talent, our RaceEngine packages will be able to cater to you.
Future growth is at the core of RaceEngine making SimStrata a great long term partner on your sim racing eSports journey.



Depending on your chosen package, we offer basic image resource customisation to being able to provide access to modify any of our front end UI resouces and code.